Meet Courtney Ross: Founder of Sawgrass Marketing

Sawgrass Marketing, LLC was founded in 2017 with the missions of helping local businesses thrive. She’s using her business to help other business owners develop strategy and tactics to build relationships and watch their business grow!

Courtney is a military spouse, her husband is in the U.S Marine Corps. They are currently stationed at MCAS New River in Wilmington, North Carolina.

“There are so many military spouse entrepreneurs who want to share what they’ve learned with others, myself included!”

-Courtney Ross

What made you decide this career path? 

When you’re a military spouse, you don’t really have too many options as far as a career path. Before my husband and I got married, I worked at two large nonprofits in the DC Metro area managing marketing campaigns that reached hundreds of thousands of people. When the time came for me to move to North Carolina, the work environment wasn’t as remote-friendly as it is today and I was forced to put in my 2-weeks notice. Wilmington’s workforce had plenty of entry-level positions, but I would have taken a 50% pay cut and lost a senior manager title. I quickly noticed the need for marketing expertise in the local area and Sawgrass Marketing was born. 

Where have you lived and what has been your favorite base so far?

While my husband hopped all over the country for flight school, I stayed put in DC. We’ve been stationed at MCAS New River for four years and I must say it’s been my favorite because it’s where we started our family. 

What is the biggest challenge of being a military spouse and pursuing your career? 

I believe the biggest challenge has been finding balance. As a military spouse and mother, we are automatically assumed to be the primary caretaker for our children. While my husband works unconventional hours, it’s often difficult to work late if I have an unexpected deadline and care for our girls. Finding great childcare has been the key to ensuring my business’s success. 

What are your other hobbies? 

I love a great spicy margarita, the beach, and Seminole football. I’ve dabbled at painting and love hiking in the mountains. While down-time comes in short supply these days, any outdoor activity is right up my alley! 

What are some benefits of being a military spouse as a business owner?

I’m sure other spouses will say this, but we truly have such a strong support system. The Association for Military Spouse Entrepreneurs has been an incredible network for me to connect with other entrepreneurs and source some great insight from! 

If you could, what advice would you give yourself when you first started your business?

Never be afraid to reach out to a stranger to ask for help. There are so many military spouse entrepreneurs who want to share what they’ve learned with others, myself included! But I would say be sure you set your foundation. Find a great bookkeeper, CPA, and attorney. Hire your weakness.

Instagram: @sawgrassmktg

Top Photo credit: Ann Vestal Photography

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