Meet Brittany Lanza: Owner of New Altitudes

Brittany is the owner of New Altitudes as well as a podcast host for other military spouses! Check out her podcast called, Moments with a Milso. Some episodes cover finances, self-care, home ownerships and much more! Brittany’s husband Nick is in the Air Force and they are currently at Davis Monthan AFB, in Tucson, Arizona.

“There’s no perfect time to start or to pick it back up. Just do the darn thing!”

-Brittany Lanza
Photo Credit: Brenna Lee Photo

What made you decide this career path? Honestly, it just sorta happened. As cheesy as that sounds, I was asking questions about being a new Milso, what it meant to be married to a man in the service, and when I didn’t find the answers I was looking for, I decided to create a resource for spouses. One thing led to another and my business, New Altitudes, took form and blossomed into a business supporting other Milso business owners and I couldn’t be more proud of our community. 

How has your spouses deployments/trainings effect your business? I’m a firm believer than if Nick hadn’t been deployed half of our first year of marriage, I probably wouldn’t have a business at all. It was truly through my experience of deployment, through my lack of connection without him, that led to me seek out to comfort those going through the same things I was. I have been fortunate that since starting my business we haven’t had another deployment to go through, but the beauty of a service-based product is that if we did have to move or handle a deployment I would be able to accomplish both (perhaps with less distractions too lol).

 Where have you lived and what has been your favorite base so far?
We’ve been stationed here at DM since the beginning! While a PCS would be fun, I love Tucson and consider it a beautiful place to live and raise a family. I love the hiking and outdoor activities and, being a Vermonter, I enjoy the warmer weather! 

What is the biggest challenge of being a military spouse and pursuing your career? The biggest fear I had when I started my business was this concern that the military could take it away. It took a lot of coaching myself into the idea that this was mine; just mine. As a military spouse, the hardest thing you can do is just sit around and wait. Wait for the orders. Wait for the “we gotta talk” speech, and wait for life to happen to us. I did that last year and I refuse to ever do it again. My business is the one thing the military can’t take from me. Not only that, but it has become something I am so passionate and proud of. Being a Milso doesn’t have to mean living around the military and my business is proof of that for me. 

What are your other hobbies? Besides being an entrepreneur, I’m also a healthcare worker! I’m a hearing specialist and I do that full time for right now. Besides working, I love to hike with my pups. We do a lot of outdoor activities. I like to model, read, and cook or bake, though I’m terribly messy in the kitchen!

What are some benefits of being a military spouse as a business owner?
The biggest and most obvious benefit is the community that comes together naturally with being a military spouse. There is such loyalty within this population and it’s incredible to see us rise up together to support one another or answer a question. We’re also everywhere, always, which is fun and amazing too. I’ve seen this a lot in the community surrounding my podcast, Moments with a Milso, where community is the best form of marketing and support there ever could be! 
Aside from that, I do love the fact that we are conditioned to be persistent, to have understanding and patience, and to be resilient. What better qualities to have in a business owner?

If you could, what advice would you give yourself when you first started your business? If I could offer advice to myself, I’d just continue to encourage myself to go for it, and not to let the fear of failure and the fear of success bog me down. I often give the same advice to my clients who feel the same. There’s no perfect time to start or to pick it back up. Just do the darn thing! 

Contact Brittany: 
Instagram- @new_altitudes
Facebook- Moments with a Milso Community  

Photo credits-
Brenna Lee Photo
Kristin Bendigo Photography
Liv Lawyer Photo
Winsome Portraits

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