Meet Marissa Howard: Published Author

Marissa is a published author of her three book trilogy. Loveless, Pointless, & Fearless. Her first book Loveless, goes beyond a typical love story. It underlines something that could change the world if we let it. Love is worth the fight.

Marissa’s husband Austin is a captain in the Air Force. They are currently at Eglin AFB in Florida. They recently moved there in August so they have been getting to know the base and the area but they have been super excited about being there! It’s Marissa’s first time living in weather that’s warm year-round – she’s going to have to put her massive blanket scarf collection to the side for the first time.    

Creating worlds, walking by characters, and watching a story unfold from my mind to the page is like nothing else.

-Marissa Howard

What made you decide this career path?

It’s been my dream to write a book ever since I was a child – my sister even gave me a little white book with blank pages “to write your first book in” when I was five years old. After I graduated, I was a reporter and then worked in public affairs on base, where I was lucky enough to be chosen as the commander’s speech writer. I think that point in my life really solidified my love for writing – and also brought me back to my dream of writing a book. So I went for it. I wrote Loveless, my very first young adult fiction novel, in two and a half months and enjoyed every minute of it. I had my first book release and signing at a local bookstore in Minot, ND, where we were stationed at the time. It was negative temperatures and snow up to our knees, but the city rallied around me and the local paper reported it and there was a line that went out the door. It was just the best day and I was so humbled to have people who believed in me and cheered me on every step of the way. It made my love for writing even deeper. I wrote Fearless and Pointless, the two novels that round out the Loveless trilogy, soon afterward. Creating worlds, walking by characters, and watching a story unfold from my mind to the page is like nothing else. It’s my goal and passion to write books that inspire, that touch on universal topics in a fresh, new way and stay with someone long after they put the book down. 

  • Where have you lived and what has been your favorite base so far?

In our seven and a half years in the Air Force, we’ve lived in Las Vegas, Minot, Germany, and now Florida! And that’s honestly such a hard question. Germany was priceless – we were lucky enough to be able to travel to more than 40 countries, see breathtaking places, and meet the most incredible people. I also learned and grew as a person and in my writing and I’m so grateful for that opportunity. And Minot – what a huge, unexpected surprise. After hearing the classic statement, “Why not Minot? Freezin’s the reason,” over and over again it definitely wasn’t on the top of our dream sheet. And yes, it was the coldest temperatures I’ve ever felt and I found out ground blizzards and Air Force balls in snow boots and getting frostbite in less than five minutes were a thing. But in the midst of the blizzards, everyone just kind of gravitated toward each other. We made some of the closest friends and cherished memories in our time there. And that’s where I wrote my first book, so for a hundred reasons plus that, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ll never again judge a base by its cover.      

  • What is the biggest challenge of being a military spouse and pursuing your career? 

I would say moving! Picking up your life and moving it every three years is not for the faint of heart. It kind of puts a pause on your life. And with that comes making new connections, meeting new people, etc etc. But at the same time, it brings me a lot of opportunity as an author and I’m lucky in that way. Our AF fam (including my guy) has really been great in that respect – every base I’ve been has rallied around me at book signings and author events and just spreading the word. And every new place we go gives me a new perspective and new ideas, so this is kind of the perfect career for all the craziness that comes with military life.  

  • What are your other hobbies? 

Traveling – it’s been an adventure and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Also, my two yorkies – can I count them as a hobby? They’ve been my faithful writing buddies since page one and they’re for sure in my acknowledgements section at the end of the Loveless trilogy. Other loves include breakfast for dinner, mayonnaise with fries, running, blanket scarves, lakes, reading, espresso, and spending time with my family.  

  • What are some benefits of being a military spouse as a business owner?

The people. In the bindings and pages of the books I’ve written so far are the hands of friends, the encouraging words of family, the frustrations of trial and error, the little victories, endless cups of coffee, and invaluable, tireless support. This book series wouldn’t exist if so many people in my life hadn’t believed that it could. It’s as simple as that. My journey as an author so far has been everything I didn’t expect, but I’m grateful for that, because it showed me a dream I didn’t know I had – a group of people who gathered at my side and showed me a support that defies odds and glues together broken pieces and publishes books. 

  • If you could, what advice would you give yourself when you first started your business?

One thousand percent to NEVER GIVE UP. The process from writing to publishing is painfully slow and challenging, but it’s so incredibly worth it in the end. The moment I held Loveless in my hands for the very first time was a moment I will never forget. People say not to write unless it’s something you can’t live without, and it’s true. You’ll run into endless “no’s” and complications and people who don’t believe in you. But instead of letting it discourage you, make it your reason to work even harder and dig even deeper. You’ll also realize the people who stand by your side through thick and thin, the people who believe in you fearlessly. But most of all, you have to believe in you. At the end of the day, it’s your fingers on the keyboard.  

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