Meet Rietta Boksha: Author

Aloha! Meet Rietta, she is a talented author of two novels. Her first book is called A Walk to Forever, and the second book is going to be published soon! It’s called A Dance to Remember. (check out her books on Amazon) They both are love stories which is always a good read. She is also a podcast host with her cousin! They discuss heavy topics and real success stories. Rietta’s husband is in the Marine Corps. They are currently located at Marine Corp Base in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. 

“Not everyone is going to like me and that is okay!

That doesn’t make my contributions any less valuable.”  

-Rietta Boksha

when did you start your business & what made you decide this career path? I have always loved writing.  My mom still has stuff saved from when I was a kid because she knew my writing was special. I wrote my first book at 14, granted it will never be publish worthy but it shows my love for it. It took me 8 years to finally have the courage to write and publish my first novel.  I was always so worried about bad reviews instead of just focusing on what I loved.  Now my second book is coming out this January which is the start of a series, the second part will be released about 4 months later.  I am also currently working on a non-profit dedicated to Veterans and their families.  I have always been passionate about helping others and this is something I know I was meant to do.  I also run a podcast with my cousin Connie. It is called How to Deal When the Shit Gets Real.  We talk about real topics that everyone faces and how to get by! It started off as a joke between us and now we are about to start season 2.  This season we will be bringing on guests who have tackled big issues and how they have overcome.

Where have you lived and which base was your favorite? 
We have been lucky so far.  We have only lived here on K Bay and Camp Pendleton in Southern California. So far out of the two K Bay is definitely the winner.  

What is the biggest challenge of being a military spouse and pursuing your career? Again, I have been lucky because we have only moved twice so far but with another move coming and now having the non-profit I just always remind myself to roll with the punches.  Paperwork may need to be redone but in the end it’s all worth it.  I still remember one of the first briefings I attended as a new spouse and they told us “Semper Gumpy.”  Which is their funny way of saying stay flexible. 

What are some of your hobbies? I am a big outdoors person.  I love hiking, skiing, paddleboarding and running.  I love to exercise and be active.  I am a blackbelt in American Kickboxing and of course I love to read.  

What are some benefits of being a military spouse as a business owner? Some benefits are I have an amazing support system.  My husband, all the friends we have made and the connections have been incredible.  

If you could, what advice would you gibe yourself when you first started your business? I would tell myself to never let my fears stop me.  Not everyone is going to like me and that is okay! That doesn’t make my contributions any less valuable.  

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Photo Credits: Lydia Rae Photography (homecoming photo)

Rae Marshall (Headshot)

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