Meet Shea Sines: Founder of BoxOps

Shea’s company is wonderful for anyone who is moving and prefer to keep things organized. All of her products are handmade in America. Her different bundles sold on Etsy help to sort boxes by rooms with color-coded door hangers, box labels, and room charts. The many products are ideal for any personal home relocation or military PCS move. Get the word out to anyone getting ready to PCS! This is a must for the Army, Navy, Air force, Marine, Coast Guard, and any government-related moves! With all of Shea’s previous moves with her growing family she created something that is needed and helpful! Her husband is in the Army and they all currently reside in Tennessee.

“Focus on scaling one thing at a time, and the rest will fall into place as we grow.”

-Shea Sines

When did you start your business & what made you decide this career path?– I began formulating some product ideas in 2018 and completed the designs/ordered inventory in 2019. Unfortunately there were a lot of life events that slowed the process, such as another baby and deployment, but I finally launched in early 2020. I had been considering entrepreneurship for a long time because I struggled to find flexible work in my particular industry. Then in 2018, we experienced a horrible move where they lost a large amount of our home. So now, after 7 moves in 7 years, I feel like I’ve learned so much and want to help others be fully prepared. Finding unique moving solutions became my passion and it’s really snowballed from there!

Where have you lived and what has been your favorite base so far?– With the military, we’ve lived in Alabama, Kansas, Texas and Tennessee. I would say El Paso was my favorite, and Tennessee has been awesome too.

What is the biggest challenge of being a military spouse and pursuing your career?– The most difficult part for a long time was letting go of what I thought I wanted out of a career. I got my master’s and then felt disappointed because I wasn’t able to leverage it to progress my career. But after a couple years and a perspective shift, I realized I was holding myself back by settling for mediocre jobs that meant nothing to me. I was miserable sitting in an office working in various government positions or finding odd jobs that barely paid for groceries, so that was definitely my tipping point into an entrepreneurial mindset.

What are your other hobbies?– I played college basketball so I will always hunt down a local gym and find people to play with (pre-covid). I enjoy traveling and checking out local food/brewery spots everywhere we live! My favorite part of moving is exploring the new town and finding our go-to spots.

What are some benefits of being a military spouse as a business owner? I think we are actually at an advantage from a mentality standpoint because we go through so much adversity and change. We are highly adaptable, versatile, fearless, creative, and willing to go outside our comfort zones to learn new skills or seek new opportunities.

If you could, what advice would you give yourself when you first started your business? I would tell myself to stay focused on one vertical/revenue stream at a time. I often get distracted and scatterbrained because I’m building out this extensive business plan and joining entrepreneurship groups and networking over zoom calls to learn as much as I can–which is all great stuff, but I’d probably tell myself to forget all that and just focus on scaling one thing at a time, and the rest will fall into place as we grow.

Learn more about BoxOps-
Website – (new website launching soon!)

Email –

IG/FB – @TeamBoxOps

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