Meet Kristin: Owner of Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes

Once in a while we want to spotlight an inspiring business owner with a close family member who was or is in the military. Kristin is not only extremely talented, she makes sure each of her products are great quality and each piece truly is a work of art! She creates one of a kind pieces of jewelry, silhouettes, and drawings. Kristin’s Papa was in the Army, he retired as a lieutenant colonel. He was a career man working with the Adjutant General Corps creating documentation. Many things back then were hand written and eventually sometimes typed. He served a tour in the Vietnam War as well. He was also stationed in places like Korea and France (where Kristins mom was born!) 

“You have more control than you think.”

-Kristin elizabeth

Where are you located? Hampton, Virginia (Fox Hill and near the beach!)

What all do you make and sell?  I am a slow made jewelry & family portrait artist. Slow made jewelry is not batch work, it is handmade jewelry created individually for each person who orders, each time. I have two jewelry collections; classic and clay. My clay collection consists of a small variety of favorited styles with a seasonal color palette. My second and most popular classic collection consists of gold fill, rose gold fill, and sterling silver pieces. Using these precious metals is important to me because they have been created to last through the years (you never have to replace your favorite pair of earrings!). I have to give it up to my husband Alex, he has been teaching me a lot about metal work and does a lot of orders with me! I digitally draw portraits of families and single portraits, and family homes. I use your favorite family photographs to draw these prints. My favorite and most popular portraits to draw are children’s silhouettes…being able to capture an entire childhood look in one drawing is so special. I am looking into marrying these products to create a line of portraiture jewelry.

{Kristin with her husband on the left, photos with her grandpa on the right.}

When did you start your business & what made you decide this career? I started my business in October 2019. My parents had silhouettes made of my sister and I when we were little and I have always loved them. Our silhouettes have been hanging at the top of the stairs in the same place for over 20 years now! I have a background in art and so when I had my own children I knew I wanted to create these silhouettes for my own family. And it just kind of went from there 🙂 Your home is where you spend the most time, and I believe that family life is much too sweet a time to be collecting things you don’t love. And that applies to what you have in your jewelry box and what you hang on your walls and see daily.

What are your other hobbies? This? I feel like my hobby was this and I started morphing it into a business lol. This is always an awkward question to me because I pick up and drop hobbies constantly: painting, drawing, sewing, decorating, renovating furniture and rooms, cake decorating, gardening, but never cooking lol. I think my hobby would be best described as DIY. I deeply enjoy serving as a youth helper in my church with my husband (6 years). I am very much a home-body; I will always prefer staying in over going out! In the summer, I enjoy the outdoors with my family in the pool or around a nighttime fire; and in the winter I like snuggling with one of our kids with popcorn, hot chocolate, and family movies. Being pregnant now, napping has also become a major hobby lol. 

If you could, what advice would you give yourself when you first started your business? You have more control than you think. You control the time, the pace, the product, the roll out, etc. I set the pace. I set the time aside. There have been times where I found myself continually making more and more things outside of my core products just because someone well-meaning prompted me to, or these other things kind of related to my items, but it wasn’t what I really wanted to make. I’m learning to control the pace more now; sometimes, I will limit quantities to protect my time, or sometimes I won’t because I feel ready to take on more. I’ve realized now that I couldn’t have handled an immediate, enormous jump in growth, so I’ve become appreciative of my slow and steady pace.

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