Stephanie Downing: Founder of Verde Love Co

Stephanie’s company Verde Love Co creates vegan skin and body care products from a holistic approach. They have seen firsthand the damaging effects harmful ingredients in skin and body care products can have on bodies and on mother earth. All of the products are made in small batches by hand to ensure quality and placed in Eco-friendly packaging to reduce environmental footprint. They promote a low-waste lifestyle and want to make sure that they are doing their part in reducing waste and helping to preserve natural resources. Stephanie’s husband is in the US Navy and they are currently based in Everett, WA.

“Stop thinking and just go for it,”

-Stephanie Downing

When did you start your business & what made you decide this career path? I started my business in 2020, but I have been making skin and body care products for friends and family for nearly a decade. I have always had a strong interest in clean, vegan, and sustainable products. My husband inspired me to start crafting products on a larger scale. 

Where have you lived and what has been your favorite base so far?  Together we have only lived in San Diego, CA., but so far Everett, WA has been our favorite.  

What is the biggest challenge of being a military spouse and pursuing your career?  The biggest challenge of being a military spouse is not having enough family time together and inconsistent schedules.  It’s incredibly difficult to leave a position every 18 months and gain tenure with an employer.  This is why I choose to leave my legal career behind and focus on home life. But, once I was at home, I still had the desire to have a career, and entrepreneurship seemed like the only option that would support our military lifestyle. 

What are your other hobbies? I love to cook and everything that has to do with the home. Most of my free time is spent in the kitchen or in the garden.

What are some benefits of being a military spouse as a business owner? I would say that a benefit of being a military spouse and a business owner is that you’re resilient, and you are capable of quickly adapting and maneuvering through difficult situations. As a business owner, things come up unexpectedly and you need to be able to quickly adjust and make a decision. 

If you could, what advice would you give yourself when you first started your business? I would tell myself to stop overthinking and just go for it. 

Verde Love Co | Skin & Body Care Products
Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Latina-OwnedShop




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