Meet Rachelle Gaulke: Owner of Sea to Sea With Love

Rachelle’s business is creative and useful for military spouses, friends, and family members who want to send a special box overseas to their loved ones. Her care package stickers are perfect to add a smile and some color to a military members day. Check out Sea to Sea with Love on Etsy to see theContinue reading “Meet Rachelle Gaulke: Owner of Sea to Sea With Love”

Meet Katherine Maude Thomas: Owner of The Little Louie Studio

Katherine is a talented artist with incredibly unique pieces. Her artwork as been seen in NYC galleries and she also shows off her talents on cutting boards, custom trays, and chess boards for a splash of color in your home! Katherine’s husband Jon is in the United States Marine Corps. They are currently in theContinue reading “Meet Katherine Maude Thomas: Owner of The Little Louie Studio”

Meet Lauren Ligon: Owner of Lauren Ligon Art & Brand Design

Lauren is the owner and talented creator of her business, Lauren Ligon Art & Brand Design. Her business offers gorgeous custom wedding invitations, business branding, and custom art. Laurens artistic ability is perfect for brides, small businesses, and art lovers. Her husband is in the Air Force and he is a A10 pilot. They areContinue reading “Meet Lauren Ligon: Owner of Lauren Ligon Art & Brand Design”

Meet Jennifer Harms: Owner of Brushwork Impressions

Jennifer started Brushwork Impressions last year and its been growing ever since! She is incredibly talented artist and her work reveals natures beauty. Jennifer’s husband is in the Air Force and they currently are stationed at Hill, Air Force Base in Layton, Utah. They love Utah and the scenic views! All their travels are oneContinue reading “Meet Jennifer Harms: Owner of Brushwork Impressions”

Meet Rietta Boksha: Author

Aloha! Meet Rietta, she is a talented author of two novels. Her first book is called A Walk to Forever, and the second book is going to be published soon! It’s called A Dance to Remember. (check out her books on Amazon) They both are love stories which is always a good read. She isContinue reading “Meet Rietta Boksha: Author”

Meet Ashley Bugge: Author

Ashley is an award winning author and speaker. Her novel Always coming back home is an emotional tale of love, adventure, tragedy and hope. She has recently written a children’s book called A Hui Hou, Until We Meet Again. To share their story with a younger audience. These books are extra special too the BuggeContinue reading “Meet Ashley Bugge: Author”

Cecilia Corujo: Owner of Persnickety Crane Café

Cecilia had a dream to open a coffee shop, and that’s exactly what she did. She included her travels and own personal style to create a unique and special place. The Persnickety Cafe is located in Yorktown, Virginia and it’s unlike most traditional American cafes you see today. The menu is filled with unique drinksContinue reading “Cecilia Corujo: Owner of Persnickety Crane Café”

Meet Chelsie Ardelan: Owner of Lavender & Lilie Design

Chelsie is a talented florist, she started her passion when she was in high school under amazing guidance of some amazing people nearly 10 years ago. While this idea of starting her own floral company started with Chelsie. Her success has all been made possible by a wonderful “team” of people who have come alongContinue reading “Meet Chelsie Ardelan: Owner of Lavender & Lilie Design”

Meet Chessica Harville: Property Manager

Chessica is a full time realtor at 318 Real Estate. After years as a real estate agent she decided to start her own property management company. She is committed to providing skills, tools, and experience needed to ensure clients will have the absolute best experience possible. Chessica’s husband is in the Air Force they haveContinue reading “Meet Chessica Harville: Property Manager”

Meet Erika Garcia: Owner of Crocheted by Erika

Erika’s passion for crocheting started at a young age. With lots of practice mixed with passion and talent you get a career you love! She currently has two online stores where she sells her unique pieces. She sells everything from earrings, baby rattles, rugs, to coasters and a variety specialty items that would be excellentContinue reading “Meet Erika Garcia: Owner of Crocheted by Erika”