Meet Angelica Hanley: Founder of A Couple Puns

Angelica’s creative business will bring a smile to anyone especially if you get gifted with one of her fun and unique cards! Her witty cards are seen and sold in stores all over the country. They will be sure to give you a laugh and brighten your day! With all the obstacles of being aContinue reading “Meet Angelica Hanley: Founder of A Couple Puns”

Meet Jen Amos: Business Owner & Podcast Host

Jen is a business owner and a podcast host. Her business US VetWealth is about providing thought, provoking financial education, and flexible financial solutions for career military families. Jen’s Podcast is called Holding Down the Fort. Not only is her podcast award winning but it is a great tool for military families! Jen’s husband servedContinue reading “Meet Jen Amos: Business Owner & Podcast Host”

Meet Jess Mastorakos: Author

Jess is a military spouse, mom of four little ones, and a talented author. She has published ten fiction novels and another eight planned this year! Her novels have something in common… they are all romantic love stories. The men in her books are also all in the military. No one better to write aContinue reading “Meet Jess Mastorakos: Author”

Meet Beth: Owner of And I Love Her Violins

Beth is a talent violinist, she played in the Virginia symphony for over a decade and created her business to provide beautiful music for weddings. Not only does Beth still play her violin at weddings, she created a team of musicians in her business to provided music for special occasions. Her husband is retired NavyContinue reading “Meet Beth: Owner of And I Love Her Violins”

Meet Jamie Ray: Founder of Raydiant Learning Experience

Jamie’s passion is to educate children, she started teaching in a classroom and now she gives back to other moms who are teaching from home. She founded her company to encourage and helps homeschool moms teach their children well. Jamie has a store with products for teaching as well as activity ideas and tips! SheContinue reading “Meet Jamie Ray: Founder of Raydiant Learning Experience”

Meet Kristin: Owner of Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes

Once in a while we want to spotlight an inspiring business owner with a close family member who was or is in the military. Kristin is not only extremely talented, she makes sure each of her products are great quality and each piece truly is a work of art! She creates one of a kindContinue reading “Meet Kristin: Owner of Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes”

Meet Danielle: The Owner of Mady on Main Street

Danielle creates watch band designs that are mainly Disney inspired. Mady on Main Street is a new business that began in September of 2020! When the Disney parks were closed, she always had the feeling of “missing the magic” because they are a big Disney Family. A friend of hers owns a Disney Inspired SmallContinue reading “Meet Danielle: The Owner of Mady on Main Street”

Meet Ashley Weinert: Founder of Counting Our Heroes Home

Ashley’s business endeavors started when she stumbled upon the subscription box concept. She realized she could build a business that sends families all the tools that they need to be successful during deployment, spend quality time as a family and strengthen the bond between the child(ren) and their deployed parent. So she founded Counting OurContinue reading “Meet Ashley Weinert: Founder of Counting Our Heroes Home”

Meet Heather Konigsbauer: Travel agent for Simply Enchanted Travel

Heather specializes in tailor-made vacations, with just a hint of adventure or full of action, that are thoughtfully crafted around her clients’ preferences and travel style. When you work with Heather you can expect top-notch personal service, impeccable attention to detail, and a passion for creating unforgettable one-of-a-kind experiences. Heather helps busy, hard working professionals discover their vacationContinue reading “Meet Heather Konigsbauer: Travel agent for Simply Enchanted Travel”

Meet Shea Sines: Founder of BoxOps

Shea’s company is wonderful for anyone who is moving and prefer to keep things organized. All of her products are handmade in America. Her different bundles sold on Etsy help to sort boxes by rooms with color-coded door hangers, box labels, and room charts. The many products are ideal for any personal home relocation orContinue reading “Meet Shea Sines: Founder of BoxOps”