Meet Corissa Corey: Owner of Milspo Made

Corissa is the owner of Milspo Made, a company that creates custom military pendant necklaces and earrings. She wanted custom necklaces to represent her husbands military branch for herself and couldn’t find what she was looking for… so she decided to do something big and created her own shop! Her husband is in the AirContinue reading “Meet Corissa Corey: Owner of Milspo Made”

Meet Marissa Howard: Published Author

Marissa is a published author of her three book trilogy. Loveless, Pointless, & Fearless. Her first book Loveless, goes beyond a typical love story. It underlines something that could change the world if we let it. Love is worth the fight. Marissa’s husband Austin is a captain in the Air Force. They are currently atContinue reading “Meet Marissa Howard: Published Author”

Meet Brittany Lanza: Owner of New Altitudes

Brittany is the owner of New Altitudes as well as a podcast host for other military spouses! Check out her podcast called, Moments with a Milso. Some episodes cover finances, self-care, home ownerships and much more! Brittany’s husband Nick is in the Air Force and they are currently at Davis Monthan AFB, in Tucson, Arizona.Continue reading “Meet Brittany Lanza: Owner of New Altitudes”

Meet Amy Schweizer: Founder of Tiny Troops Soccer

Amy Schweizer is the Founder & Director of Tiny Troops Soccer. Her husband is in the Marine Corps and they are currently stationed at Camp Lejeune, in Jacksonville NC. Amy has an extensive background and experience with health and soccer. She has a Master’s Degree in Sports Management, played for the Cincinnati Ladyhawks, and hasContinue reading “Meet Amy Schweizer: Founder of Tiny Troops Soccer”

Meet Courtney Ross: Founder of Sawgrass Marketing

Sawgrass Marketing, LLC was founded in 2017 with the missions of helping local businesses thrive. She’s using her business to help other business owners develop strategy and tactics to build relationships and watch their business grow! Courtney is a military spouse, her husband is in the U.S Marine Corps. They are currently stationed at MCASContinue reading “Meet Courtney Ross: Founder of Sawgrass Marketing”

Meet Erin Shimkus: Owner of Arcadia Avenue Gifts

Erin started her gift shop in 2016 where she creates and sells unique polymer clay earrings and hand crafted bath bombs. Her Etsy store enables her to sell to clients all over the country. She makes unique pieces like cactus earrings to dinosaur bath bombs and everything in between! Erin and her husband are stationedContinue reading “Meet Erin Shimkus: Owner of Arcadia Avenue Gifts”

Meet Kara Kriete: Owner of KGK Speech Services

Kara is the owner of KGK speech services and a Certified Speech Language Pathologist. She takes a family centered whole child approach to provide military families with quality care, community resources and advocacy. Her husband is in the Navy and they are currently stationed at Fort Meade in Maryland. When you put your heart andContinue reading “Meet Kara Kriete: Owner of KGK Speech Services”