Meet Lianne Dobson: Founder of Gemini Naturals

Lianne is the Founder of Gemini Naturals. A hair color company that delivers fun vibrant colors without having to bleach and commit to one color! Her color gel formula is specifically created to stand out on DARK hair and will rinse out easily on your next wash day. Switch up your color weekly or youContinue reading “Meet Lianne Dobson: Founder of Gemini Naturals”

Meet Jamie Moyle: Owner of Active Wear For Everybody

Jamie loves health and fitness so she made it her business. She’s on a mission to spread positivity and confidence to all women through the cutest leggings ever! Through supportive activewear the women she come in contact with are learning to love themselves during this exact phase of life! Jamie’s husband is in the AirContinue reading “Meet Jamie Moyle: Owner of Active Wear For Everybody”

Meet Maleah Staton: Owner of Maleah Grace Nutrition

Maleah has a passion for health and nutrition that carried into her own business. She teaches things like having a balanced diet, building a colorful plate, emotional and physical hunger, and most importantly feeding your body in the best way to feel your best! Maleah’s husband is a F35 pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps,Continue reading “Meet Maleah Staton: Owner of Maleah Grace Nutrition”

Meet Tricia Vandy: Owner of Sugarbean Soap Co.

Tricia makes everything from beautiful soaps, wax melts, bath bombs, lotions and lip balms. All the products are handmade and contain whole and raw ingredients in them. Tricia’s husband is in the Air Force and next month he will be 14 years active duty! They currently live in Hampton, Virginia at Langley Air Force Base.Continue reading “Meet Tricia Vandy: Owner of Sugarbean Soap Co.”