Meet Lianne Dobson: Founder of Gemini Naturals

Lianne is the Founder of Gemini Naturals. A hair color company that delivers fun vibrant colors without having to bleach and commit to one color! Her color gel formula is specifically created to stand out on DARK hair and will rinse out easily on your next wash day. Switch up your color weekly or youContinue reading “Meet Lianne Dobson: Founder of Gemini Naturals”

Meet Chessica Harville: Property Manager

Chessica is a full time realtor at 318 Real Estate. After years as a real estate agent she decided to start her own property management company. She is committed to providing skills, tools, and experience needed to ensure clients will have the absolute best experience possible. Chessica’s husband is in the Air Force they haveContinue reading “Meet Chessica Harville: Property Manager”

Meet Corissa Corey: Owner of Milspo Made

Corissa is the owner of Milspo Made, a company that creates custom military pendant necklaces and earrings. She wanted custom necklaces to represent her husbands military branch for herself and couldn’t find what she was looking for… so she decided to do something big and created her own shop! Her husband is in the AirContinue reading “Meet Corissa Corey: Owner of Milspo Made”

Meet Marissa Howard: Published Author

Marissa is a published author of her three book trilogy. Loveless, Pointless, & Fearless. Her first book Loveless, goes beyond a typical love story. It underlines something that could change the world if we let it. Love is worth the fight. Marissa’s husband Austin is a captain in the Air Force. They are currently atContinue reading “Meet Marissa Howard: Published Author”