Meet Johnene McBeth: Founder of I Am Johnene

“Leaving a legacy for my family is the only goal.” -Johnene McBeth Johnene wears many hats on a daily basis. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster & branding coach & the CEO of Jewels by Marcel, Texture & Style Co. & Room University. Most importantly she is a military spouse and a mom to anContinue reading “Meet Johnene McBeth: Founder of I Am Johnene”

Meet Jen Amos: Business Owner & Podcast Host

Jen is a business owner and a podcast host. Her business US VetWealth is about providing thought, provoking financial education, and flexible financial solutions for career military families. Jen’s Podcast is called Holding Down the Fort. Not only is her podcast award winning but it is a great tool for military families! Jen’s husband servedContinue reading “Meet Jen Amos: Business Owner & Podcast Host”

Meet Ashley Weinert: Founder of Counting Our Heroes Home

Ashley’s business endeavors started when she stumbled upon the subscription box concept. She realized she could build a business that sends families all the tools that they need to be successful during deployment, spend quality time as a family and strengthen the bond between the child(ren) and their deployed parent. So she founded Counting OurContinue reading “Meet Ashley Weinert: Founder of Counting Our Heroes Home”

Meet Shea Sines: Founder of BoxOps

Shea’s company is wonderful for anyone who is moving and prefer to keep things organized. All of her products are handmade in America. Her different bundles sold on Etsy help to sort boxes by rooms with color-coded door hangers, box labels, and room charts. The many products are ideal for any personal home relocation orContinue reading “Meet Shea Sines: Founder of BoxOps”

Meet Monica Fullerton: Founder of Spouse-ly

Spouse-ly was founded by Monica Fullerton. She is also a mom of twins, an entrepreneur and business enthusiast. She has always wanted to make a difference in her military community and bring something new to the table. She found a way to benefit all military spouses, service members and veterans all over the U.S.  Spouse-lyContinue reading “Meet Monica Fullerton: Founder of Spouse-ly”

Meet Rachelle Gaulke: Owner of Sea to Sea With Love

Rachelle’s business is creative and useful for military spouses, friends, and family members who want to send a special box overseas to their loved ones. Her care package stickers are perfect to add a smile and some color to a military members day. Check out Sea to Sea with Love on Etsy to see theContinue reading “Meet Rachelle Gaulke: Owner of Sea to Sea With Love”

Meet Jennifer Harms: Owner of Brushwork Impressions

Jennifer started Brushwork Impressions last year and its been growing ever since! She is incredibly talented artist and her work reveals natures beauty. Jennifer’s husband is in the Air Force and they currently are stationed at Hill, Air Force Base in Layton, Utah. They love Utah and the scenic views! All their travels are oneContinue reading “Meet Jennifer Harms: Owner of Brushwork Impressions”