Meet Sierra Kenny: Owner of At Ease Apparel

Sierra’s business At Ease Apparel seeks to provide high-quality, military pride apparel while promoting patriotism, love, and respect for those serving in our armed forces. Whether you are directly connected to our military branches or not, we all have someone we’re proud of. I hope you will join Sierra in showing your pride through AtContinue reading “Meet Sierra Kenny: Owner of At Ease Apparel”

Josey Depew: Owner of Graceful Leo Design

Josey is a talented graphic designer and she also creates earrings and wall decor! She decided to start her business so she could do what she loves and the bonus would be that she can take it anywhere the military takes her. Josey’s husband is in the Army and works as a JAG Officer. TheyContinue reading “Josey Depew: Owner of Graceful Leo Design”

Meet Erika Garcia: Owner of Crocheted by Erika

Erika’s passion for crocheting started at a young age. With lots of practice mixed with passion and talent you get a career you love! She currently has two online stores where she sells her unique pieces. She sells everything from earrings, baby rattles, rugs, to coasters and a variety specialty items that would be excellentContinue reading “Meet Erika Garcia: Owner of Crocheted by Erika”