Cecilia Corujo: Owner of Persnickety Crane Café

Cecilia had a dream to open a coffee shop, and that’s exactly what she did. She included her travels and own personal style to create a unique and special place. The Persnickety Cafe is located in Yorktown, Virginia and it’s unlike most traditional American cafes you see today. The menu is filled with unique drinksContinue reading “Cecilia Corujo: Owner of Persnickety Crane Café”

Meet Carly Vega: Owner of Makeup by Vega

Carly is the owner and creator of Makeup by Vega. She is a Makeup Artist and for her its more than giving others a beautiful look for a special occasion. For her, Makeup fills her soul with warmth and joy. Carly’s husband is retired Navy. Now they have a son who followed in his fathersContinue reading “Meet Carly Vega: Owner of Makeup by Vega”

Meet Ashley: Owner of Ashley Salas Photography

Ashley Salas is a portrait and lifestyle photographer. She photographs families, seniors, children, and everything in between! Her love for capturing the military community is apparent in her work! Ashley’s fun and bubbily personality makes her clients at ease during a photo session! Her husband is in the Air Force and they have two childrenContinue reading “Meet Ashley: Owner of Ashley Salas Photography”

Meet Katie Prill: Owner of Love and Lettering by Katie

Katie’s passion to create started as a hobby and now turned into her own business. Love and Lettering by Katie is a small shop that includes unique signs, door hangers, ornaments, and vinyl stickers. Katie is a military spouse, her husband is in the Air Force. They are currently located at Ellsworth AFB in RapidContinue reading “Meet Katie Prill: Owner of Love and Lettering by Katie”

Meet Marissa Howard: Published Author

Marissa is a published author of her three book trilogy. Loveless, Pointless, & Fearless. Her first book Loveless, goes beyond a typical love story. It underlines something that could change the world if we let it. Love is worth the fight. Marissa’s husband Austin is a captain in the Air Force. They are currently atContinue reading “Meet Marissa Howard: Published Author”