Stephanie Downing: Founder of Verde Love Co

Stephanie’s company Verde Love Co creates vegan skin and body care products from a holistic approach.¬†They have seen firsthand the damaging effects harmful ingredients in skin and body care products can have on bodies and on mother earth. All of the products are made in small batches by hand to ensure quality and placed inContinue reading “Stephanie Downing: Founder of Verde Love Co”

Meet Beth: Owner of And I Love Her Violins

Beth is a talent violinist, she played in the Virginia symphony for over a decade and created her business to provide beautiful music for weddings. Not only does Beth still play her violin at weddings, she created a team of musicians in her business to provided music for special occasions. Her husband is retired NavyContinue reading “Meet Beth: Owner of And I Love Her Violins”

Meet Chelsie Ardelan: Owner of Lavender & Lilie Design

Chelsie is a talented florist, she started her passion when she was in high school under amazing guidance of some amazing people nearly 10 years ago. While this idea of starting her own floral company started with Chelsie. Her success has all been made possible by a wonderful “team” of people who have come alongContinue reading “Meet Chelsie Ardelan: Owner of Lavender & Lilie Design”