Meet Pamela Bolado: Founder of Women Who Do Wonders

Pamela is the founder of Women Who Do Wonders International (WWDW) it is an exclusive community membership platform built by women to unite, support, and amplify the power of female entrepreneurs, mission-driven community leaders and philanthropists working to improve the lives of women and children around the world. Pamela’s husband is in the Air ForceContinue reading “Meet Pamela Bolado: Founder of Women Who Do Wonders”

Meet Rietta Boksha: Author

Aloha! Meet Rietta, she is a talented author of two novels. Her first book is called A Walk to Forever, and the second book is going to be published soon! It’s called A Dance to Remember. (check out her books on Amazon) They both are love stories which is always a good read. She isContinue reading “Meet Rietta Boksha: Author”