Josey Depew: Owner of Graceful Leo Design

Josey is a talented graphic designer and she also creates earrings and wall decor! She decided to start her business so she could do what she loves and the bonus would be that she can take it anywhere the military takes her. Josey’s husband is in the Army and works as a JAG Officer. TheyContinue reading “Josey Depew: Owner of Graceful Leo Design”

Meet Maleah Staton: Owner of Maleah Grace Nutrition

Maleah has a passion for health and nutrition that carried into her own business. She teaches things like having a balanced diet, building a colorful plate, emotional and physical hunger, and most importantly feeding your body in the best way to feel your best! Maleah’s husband is a F35 pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps,Continue reading “Meet Maleah Staton: Owner of Maleah Grace Nutrition”